Whistle Blowing Service offers the most advanced systems and services including:

  • Global government grade servers located in most major countries.   Every client database is on a secure and encrypted database.
  • All connections across Wi-Fi and the web are secure and encrypted between the person reporting from our global web portal.
  • All people, phone number, web services portal are secure and support by country locations. 
  • Any client reference material to be made available is stored in a secured area.  Access is granted under strict secure and agreed access protocols, without tracing of client employees that access this area.
  • Each client has their own instance, there are no shared pathway or common access.  Accordingly, separation and integrity is ensured through “air gaps”, rather than through internal controls and protocols in those cases where the database resides on an office server.
  • One client, one dedicated reporting support desk. We do not operate with one database, many clients.  Our contact number is for general IT enquires to help people to the self-service portal.   The self-service portal is the primary point of contact to ensure security, confidentiality and anonymity.
  • All meta data is stripped from files provided. Where a documents provided needs to be included in a report, then any identifying data and metadata is removed.  If this not sufficient to protect security, confidentiality and anonymity, alternative measures are adopted.
  • We provide a unique reference number that can be used access the particular request. The person concerned does not have to provide any identifying information or be the subject of communication initiated by GIDWBS that connects them to a request.  Use of email or phone as a preferred a communication tool must be expressly agreed to and nominated by the person concerned.
  • We have the Highest level of protection for people reporting and increased reporting levels.

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