We help organisation reduce commercial and reputation risks by enabling employees a safe system for calling out things that might damage the organisation.  We build unique disclosure processes for organisation scenarios and work with some of the country’s largest organisations.

As such we offer our leading independent source of best practice enterprise-level external whistle blowing frameworks to meet an ever challenging world of risk management . Our hotline and related services has grown into a systematic integrated approach where in-house teams service you organisation’s needs.

For every minute fraud and misconduct goes undetected, your business pays. Fraud alone has cost Australian and New Zealand businesses $543 million in the previous 2 years (with an average loss of $3.5 million per organisation).

Your employees can confidentially contact the Whistle Blower hotline by: toll-free global telephone number, web-based access, email, post and fax.

In fact, financial loss may well be the least of your worries, with most businesses reporting that it’s the long term reputation impact that really takes its toll.

You can minimise the damage by detecting fraud and misconduct early. A whistle blower program enables your employees to speak up and report matters so that they can be dealt with sooner rather than later.

How we can help

Operated by forensic professionals, through our whistle blower reporting service is a proven, confidential and anonymous way for employees and third parties to report suspected fraud, misconduct and other inappropriate behaviour (such as suspected bullying and harassment).

Established in 2008, it is now used in over 60 countries with multiple languages available to detect and prevent fraud.

With a variety of deployment options available, Whistle blower reporting service is:

  • a cost-effective service providing multiple communication options for your employees and third parties to report concerns
  • available 24/7 every day of the year
  • run external to your organisation
  • compliant with a range of local and global legislation, codes and standards
  • able to deliver a detailed report of the matter to you within 24 hours

WBS’s whistle blower reporting service is monitored by experienced and skilled  Forensic Professionals, who can also advise on elements of an appropriate response and undertake the necessary investigations, if required.

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