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Our services are priced below to reflect the majority of customers offering the most cost effective options for dealing with their Legal Obligations for Whistle Blowing Services in each country around the world to protect their workforce and their organisation. 

Services are based on the following three key options covering employees, suppliers or members.

  1. Full Online Service only.
  2. Full Online Services plus Phone Call Centre Access 8.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.
  3. Full Online plus 24 Hour Phone Call Centre Access.

Click the service options below to get started now to meet the Global 2022 implementation dates to avoid penalties.

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All of products are designed to meet your organisations needs for the new laws and legislation. Our products are unique in the market offering:

  • Branded landing pages to represent your representative organisation
  • Unlimited reports
  • Assistance with Case Management and guidance on your decision process 
  • Multilingual package options on our systems
  • Simplified pricing options to make it easy to manage and understand
  • Investigation services as an add on where required.
  • A Unique Key and Client Reference Number with is issued for each client.
  • Free training on the Whistle Blowing Services via a 30 Minute webinar service for nominated Report Officers
  • Assessment and recommendations on support to be provided

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