Navigate to the TOR Project website at this address: and download the latest browser bundle for your operating system.

NEVER download any browser bundle from any other site!

Make sure that the site you are using looks like this:



Select the operating system|>

Double click on the icon (after selecting the preferred language)


The software will download and ask you to “run” the file.  [If not the file will be located in the download folder and can be run from there (by double clicking)]

After downloading the file, install it like any other software.

You can accept the prepared options (defaults).

You should now have an icon on your desktop. If not go to the folder you created and nominated when you installed the browser.



To start the TOR browser Double Click the icon or the file.

The TOR browser will connect to the TOR network ( it might ask you for a confirmation, just click ok)

Once the browser is started there should be a confirmation screen that the browser is connected and you are good to go.

You are now set to go!


To go to the relevant Web Portal type the “.onion” into the address bar of the browser and hit enter.

This code will look like->  dge3un3mygjc6q.onion       (Your organization will provide the .onion to you as part of the program.)

ONLY this should be copied and pasted into the URL here:







Make sure you have Javascript disabled in the browser.

Always be safe.  You may use additional measures to stay anonymous online such as PGP or anonymous VPNs.